Downloadable Forms

Employee Master Sheet

The employee master sheet is used to enter the employees into our system. Please fill this out for each employee. This form can be used to change employee information as well. Use the information that you get from the employees W4 and contractors W9 to complete this form.
[Download PDF]

Direct Deposit Authorization

The Direct Deposit Authorization form allows 941 Payroll to deposit your employee’s paycheck into their banking account. Please have your employees fill in the form and make sure they sign and date at the bottom. We will also need a voided check for their account. For a savings account, please provide a document from the bank that includes both the account number and the bank routing number.
[Download PDF]

Federal Forms

The I9 and W4 are government forms the employer should have on file that we do NOT need a copy of. The information we need from these forms is included on our employee master sheet. The W9 form is used for 1099 contractors used to ascertain a contractors tax identification information.

 Pennsylvania Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form