To find out how simple and practical our solution is, we invite you to log into our live online demo account. To log in, click this “Supervisor Login” link and use the following ID and password.

  • Login ID: online
  • Password: demo

Before entering, keep in mind the following points as they assist you in understanding better our service:

  1. A timekeeping account can be set up in many different ways, based on industry and company labor practices. The demo account merely represents one or more of many possible ways of gathering and organizing the data.
  2. Notice that each employee’s time card represents a different type of company, such as a restaurant, and as a result will display different types of data, such as “tips.” Some cards display very simple, tracking simply in and out times. Others or more advanced, for tracking items such as labor distribution.
  3. Because this is a demo account representing multiple companies and scenarios, some reports may not display a full range of company data.